Automation technology

  Having embraced the most advanced technology trends in the world and grasped an insight into the values brought to modern industry by automation science, SEEN Tech., JSC, during the shared development journey of the country, has made positive contributions in integration and application of automation technology in Vietnam.


Focus on research and development of new science and technology products and improvement of international cooperation with leading companies in the world have been and will be the right direction for SEEN. We understand that, a product of high quality and value requires seamless combination of the following:

+ Well-equipped laboratories which best facilitate creativity and research.

+ Team of engineers and leading experts who are not only dedicated but also truly talented and regularly and intensively trained in countries with advanced science and technology in the world. .

+ Equipment supplied by the world's leading companies - the key to creating a product of excellent creativity.

As prides of SEEN until now, such products as: electronic petrol pump, multi-tariff electronic power meter, and measuring equipment in electrical industry, etc. have left great impressions in both domestic and international markets. Trust from customers and acknowledgment from ministries, the city and the State are great achievements and huge motivation for SEEN to strive further to offer new values ​​for life.