Environmental technology

  Understanding that environmental protection is the protection of sustainable values for the development of future generations, for a sustainable world; with a long-term vision, creativity, and dedication, SEEN has become a symbol that inspires and motivates the community to join hands in protecting the environment, protecting the happy life. As a pioneer in the market, with its vision, experience, and in-depth knowledge, the SEEN people not only consider environmental pollution as an urgent matter that needs to be addressed but also think that the act of addressing it is an opportunity to change the world, change the environment, change for better life. 


  Over the past 20 years, hundreds of SEEN branded central wastewater treatment systems have been established, accounting for more than half of all wastewater treatment plants in the whole country, treating wastewater for industrial plants, extremely hazardous wastewater, domestic water and domestic wastewater for large urban areas, reaching the total capacity of up to millions of cubic meters of treated wastewater per day, serving millions of people across the country. The satisfaction of partners and customers is a clear statement about the pioneering position of SEEN in the field of environmental technologies in Vietnam.

  As an EPC contractor and general contractor for important national projects, SEEN's name is always associated with international standard projects that ensure quality in all areas of the industry of environmental technologies such as: Wastewater treatment for industrial parks, urban areas, hospitals, food industry, textile dyeing technology, hazardous waste, alcohol processing, landfill leachate, etc.

 The trust of our customers and our honor rewards are perhaps the best proof of our efforts to perfect, enhance and innovate and show our striving from the heart and mind.