Da Lat Wastewater Treatment Plant - Expansion and Capacity Increasement

   Dalat is known as a romantic and peaceful tourist city, with fresh life close to nature and without any footprint of pollution. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of tourism and urbanization, Da Lat is inevitably overloaded with the collection and treatment of wastewater discharged into the environment. Da Lat Municipal  People's Committee Dalat has built a wastewater treatment plant and installed a large wastewater collection pipeline. However, with a small capacity, the focus of the collection of wastewater in this first phase has only been on the western part of the city and hasn't resolved thoroughly the needs of the residents here.


   Under the "Da Lat City Sewer Sub-Project" by the Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Company, the project "expanding and raising the capacity of Da Lat wastewater treatment plant" with Seen Technologies Corporation as the construction contractor has been implemented since July 2015 and is entering the stage of comletion and putting into operation. The general objective of the project is to extend the supply of tap water to the people while upgrading the treatment system at the Da Lat Wastewater Treatment Plant, giving back to the people here true dreamy Da Lat. With the workforce of nearly 100 workers and 5 key specialized engineers, the project of upgrading Da Lat Wastewater Treatment Plant ensures the on schedule construction of the right quality, the total capacity of the plant after completion is 12,400m3 /day instead of 7,400 m3/day previously. Many new items was built and there's the application of the biological treatment technology-SBR, the project consists of sludge reception - sewage screen - grit basin, oxidation ditch, ABR tank, settling basin 2, disinfection tank, anaerobic tank, Waste Stabilization pond, flow measurement ditch, sludge pumping station, sludge press, sludge compression plant, chemical house. The plant is also equipped with  new equipments and have its grit basins and auxiliary works upgraded. The project meets the following standards: Standard on output water quality: QCVN 14: 2008 column A and odor gas after treatment meet the QCVN 06: 2009 / BTNMT - National technical regulation on hazardous substances in ambient air.

  As we always put the quality of each project first and take the sacred mission of protecting the environment as our long-term development orientation, we commit that the project to upgrade Wastewater Treatment Plant of Dalat will thoroughly address the difficulties in wastewater treatment, promote urban development and protect the clean and pure living environment.

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