Nhon Trach Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 2 Centralized

  The fertile Southern land has always been considered a favorable location for economic development and an attractive destination of major domestic and foreign investors. "Wastewater treatment,” an extremely important issue in industry, however, did not receive proper care. Understanding the environmental damages caused by the industry, Management Board of Nhon Trach II Industrial Park - Dong Nai decided to upgrade the "Centralized wastewater treatment plant of Nhon Trach II Industrial Park" so that factories could focus on production, employees rest assured to work and peaceful environment be protected.


Constructed by Seen Tech., JSC at a rapid pace, only after 17 months of construction (July 2016 to December 2017), the plant was completed and brought into operation. Covering a total area of over 50,000m2, the Centralized wastewater treatment plant of Nhon Trach II Industrial Park – Phase 2 has a capacity of 5,000m3/day and night, including such items as: receiving chamber – sewer grates – sand strap, oxidation ditch, clarifier tank 2, disinfection tank, stabilization pond - flow meter, sludge pumping station, sludge thickener, sludge dewatering machine house, chemical house and auxiliary items. Applying the most modern treatment technology and rigorous management of automatic flow meters and monitoring devices, the Centralized wastewater treatment plant of Nhon Trach II Industrial Park – Phase 2 meets QCVN 40:2011 column A – National Technical Regulation on Industrial Wastewater.

Officially operational to prevent environmental damages by the industry and secure fresh air for the industrial park as well as the surrounding area, "Wastewater treatment plant in Nhon Trach II Industrial Park" in particular and many other projects by SEEN in general have encouraged the industry to thrive along with clean and safe environment. That is the mission that we have been on through our construction works and projects for the development of the country!

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