Thanh Thanh Cong Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 1

  Situated in a prime location in An Hoa commune, Trang Bang district, Thanh Thanh Cong is seen as a highly potential industrial park of Tay Ninh province and Southeast Vietnam. Apart from a favorable location, another competitive edge of Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park is its complete infrastructure and diversified services which effectively meet the needs of investors. One of its prominent facilities, the reason for the absolute attraction of this industrial park, is "Thanh Thanh Cong wastewater treatment plant".


  Constructed by SEEN Tech., JSC, Thanh Thanh Cong wastewater treatment plant was completed only after 17 months of construction. In May 2016, the plant was put into operation, including such items as: receiving chamber – sewer grates – sand strap, oxidation ditch, clarifier tank 2, disinfection tank, stabilization pond - flow meter, sludge pumping station, sludge thickener, sludge dewatering machine house, chemical house and auxiliary items. With a capacity of 6,000 m3/day and night for the garment sector (approximately 98%), and an increase in overall capacity of the whole plant from 3,500 m3 to 10,000 m3/day and night, the system meets the treatment demand of wastewater which is discharged from factories in the industrial zone thanks to the application of new technologies; Quality of treated wastewater meets column A in QCVN40:2011/BTNMT before being discharged into the environment.

A developed industry must be in tandem with clean and safe environment. Aware of this, SEEN Tech., JSC with modern wastewater treatment systems, advanced technologies and a team of talented, experienced, and dedicated engineers and workers, will continue to work to bring about a complete ecosystem of the Vietnamese industry. We take pride in ourselves for fulfilling our mission to protect the green environment.

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