SEEN's Culture

Not simply as a place where you work for a stable income, SEEN always gives its employees a feeling of affection and long-term commitment. Culture at SEEN holds the meaning of a family that each day we communicate our hope and motivation to work for the future and for sustainable happiness.


Considerate and understanding! Such holidays as 08 March and 20 October are not simply to honor women and girls, but also to say sincere thanks for the hard work and effort made by female staff at SEEN. Along with that, picnics, festivals and trips are special opportunities for the entire SEEN family to get united and share love and understanding. It’s not all. To spread the sacred core mission, SEEN regularly organizes volunteer activities, offers scholarships to excellent students, and holds environmental awareness events for local people. We feel extremely happy to be together to build a strong team and spread good values ​​for life.


From leaders to employees, we all understand the responsibility to work hard to fulfill our commitment to customers, to share difficulties with our partners and to build our community. A comfortable and creative working environment with room for discovery and self-improvement is what we want to bring to all members of the SEEN family. Every member is always aware of their role. We work not under an obligation, but we live for our passion and responsibility to society. Every project and action taken by SEEN today will contribute to future generations who will live in peace, grow healthily and make breakthrough.