The first wastewater treatment project was completed in the joy and expectation of the of experts, engineers, and workers at SEEN. It is said to be as strong a turning point that led to the formal establishment of SEEN later on. Even though during its development, the brand has been spreading its name by covering over 80% of wastewater treatment facilities throughout the country, this project is still the one that carries the most commitment and effort of SEEN, a milestone for the sacred mission that SEEN has always been pursuing and guarding.


   SEEN TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION was officially established carrying the aspiration of the leading researchers in science and technology at that time to change the environment, to raise the living standards, and to bring more good values to the society. This is seen as a strong starting point for SEEN's development journey of pioneering in the field of environmental and automation technologies in Vietnam.

  SEEN undertook the task of upgrading the Hanoi's Wastewater Treatment Plant and reaped a success that went beyond its expectation by applying new technology for the first time. This is not only a SEEN's turning point in terms of cutting-edge science and technology but also an affirmation about the company's intellectual prowess and pioneering position in the field of environmental technology in Vietnam.

   The period from 2004 - 2010 is said to be a very difficult and challenging period for SEEN. In the face of the market mechanism's competitiveness, the rise of economic turbulence and inflation, SEEN realized that there was a need for a breakthrough in order to keep up the pace. By implementing drastic measures such as research on human factors to bring about many reforms; diversification of work and tasks to carry out staff cutbacks, diversification of fields activities & productions, SEEN had integrated quickly and successfully proved itself to the world's developed economy.


  Up to this point, SEEN was still proud to look back on the journey that it has been through, the difficulties it had confronted to make SEEN stronger, and the successes gained by huge efforts to set the stepping stones for ones in the future. Possessing powerful internal strength with a team of excellent engineers and workers, and international cutting-edge science and technologies, SEEN is confident that the quality works and products bearing its brand name will continue to carry out its mission to protect the environment, the planet and the new generations!


    The special milestone for SEEN,20 years for development and growth. At present and in the future, SEEN going to continue to focus on core business areas, but will diversify its products and services into the market. So far, SEEN is still proud to look back on the journey that has taken place, the difficulties confronting SEEN more strongly, the success of efforts to be the springboard for the future. Possessing strong internal strength with a team of excellent engineers and workers and modern science and technology of the world, SEEN is confident that the works and quality products bearing the SEEN brand name will continue. The mission is to protect the environment, protect the planet and the future!