Dreams give birth to future - From life experiences and learning efforts comes a success.

SEEN develops and flourishes out of visions of environment enthusiasts who dedicate themselves tirelessly to the community, bringing access to clean and safe water for a healthy world and future well-being.”

“Today’s actions are tomorrow’s sustainable development,

SEEN – For better life”


 Our long journey:

In 1999, SEEN Technology Joint Stock Company was officially established, marking the company's milestone in pioneering environmental technology and automation. People at SEEN have always been proud of the history story in which leading technology researchers of the country, with their broad and futuristic vision, filled with determination and passion to raise living standards, brought their knowledge and experience to create a better society. For the last 20 years, we have been constantly striving to improve ourselves with radical technology innovations and change in mindset that have made incredible construction works and asserted our leading position in environmental technology and electrical engineering in Vietnam.

Core values:

Breaking new ground to take the lead is one thing, but it’s another story to maintain that position for decades, given the growing market-driven competition. SEEN affirms its value and builds trust with its partners and customers with a seamless blend of science, technology, facilities, financial capacity and human intelligence. With two factories based in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with synchronous machineries, it provides modern machine and equipment to meet construction requirements. At the same time, SEEN always makes improvements and innovations, receives the most advanced technologies in the world, learns, carries out research and applies practical applications to its projects. And over 300 of us - over 300 brains fueled with dedication, talent, wisdom, experience and expertise that are constantly cultivated - together share the goal to bring the highest quality construction works, best experiences and satisfaction to each and every customer and, ultimately, beautiful values to life!

Intensive and extensive experience:

Patience and perseverance with the path chosen for the past 20 years have been the driving force behind SEEN's vast experience and competitiveness. Out of the hard work and wisdom of generations of employees have hundreds of centralized wastewater treatment systems been developed bearing SEEN’s identity, accounting for more than half of the total number of wastewater treatment plants of the country. Satisfaction of partners and customers is a clear statement of SEEN's pioneering position in environmental technology in Vietnam as an EPC contractor and general contractor for major projects of the country. SEEN’s project portfolio will remain extended in the future because we are confident that SEEN will be the best choice for businesses looking for partners for sustainable development and mutual prosperity.

Products of creativity:

Technology is the focus but it is creative thinking as the core that makes SEEN confident to cope with new opportunities and challenges that no others can imitate. With the desire to translate our quality commitments into actual results, SEEN combines modern technologies and its own intellectual products in its projects, including SEDI gasoline pump, information transfer and data collection solution, underground fuel tank measuring system, electrical enclosure of international standards IP54, and IP65; surface water monitoring station with "online” automatic measuring and communication, and smart product "Semultech".

Driving force behind efforts:

Awards and certificates granted by ministries, People's Committee of Hanoi, Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, General Department of Taxation, and Hanoi Tax Department for contributions to the community is a testament to the efforts and dedication of SEEN Tech., JSC during our long development journey. It’s not all; SEEN has two products recognized by Hanoi People's Committee as key products of the city for 6 consecutive years from 2006 to 2012, and was in the top 200 fastest growing businesses in 2010 and 2011. All of these make great motivation for our constant innovations for new effective wastewater treatment solutions contributing to the future of human health.


“Aware that development opportunities go hand in hand with challenges and threats of environment pollution, we will make constant learning efforts and innovations for development, as our vision is to raise public awareness of a beautiful world and to join hands to protect our planet and for sustainable future development.”
"SEEN – For better life”