The elite minds, the hardworking hands, and the devotion to bringing the valuable products to life of the talented  specialists and engineers are the things that have helped SEEN to bring quality products of cutting-edge science and technologies that have not only left a deep impression on the Vietnamese market but also spread its name to many neighboring countries.


  As the main line of products with the quality assured by the cooperation with TOMINAGA - a Brand globally famous with fuel filling columns, the SEDI electronic fuel filling column has created a great reputation for SEEN in the field of electronic pumps. This brand is currently accounting for about 20% of the market share in the country with 12,000 electronic fuel filling column have been supplied to the market, along with solutions for communication - data collection, metering underground tanks for the gas station systems.

  Along with that, with the expectation that each project would be a commitment to quality, SEEN's projects are not only the combinations of international cutting-edge technologies but also the quality intellectual products researched and developed by SEEN: Thousands of electrodynamic cubicles of IP54 and IP65 international standards with equipments and installation designs customized at the clients’ requests have been manufactured for many projects. Many types of surface water monitoring stations that can automatically measure and transmits the data "online" to serve the Scada pollution management networks and the measurement parameters such as BOD, COD, SS, DO, chrominance, ... developed based on customer's configuration requirements have been used effectively in hundreds of wastewater treatment works. The compact "Semultech" is a popular smart product for plants with a capacity of less than 5000 m3 / day.

  With a strategy of investment in long-term research and development, SEEN believes that it will continue to bring the essence of innovation and cutting-edge technologies, quality, and valuable products to the Mechanical & Electrical market in Vietnam and further its new steps in the international market, bringing the Vietnamese brand to the global level.